24 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 3 days ago.

Learn Version Control with Git - "A step-by-step course for the complete beginner" from the folks behind the Tower git client.

minicron - Combination of web UI and alerting engine for cron.

various - Configuration layer for the new Acton Pack variants that Rails recently introduced.

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By Sam Goldstein of New Relic 6 days ago.

A couple weeks ago we released a major UI redesign of New Relic's browser monitoring and front-end development features. This is a story about how the dev team approached the UX for one of those redesigned features: the Browser breakdown tab. Today, the browser breakdown tab looks like this:

Browser breakdowns weren't new to New Relic. For a few years, we've provided data on which browsers were active on a site, but until a few weeks ago that tab had looked like this:

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 14 days ago.

…use it on desktops, laptops, and other non-tablet computers by adding some quick UI fixes aimed at mouse and keyboard users , and

without this update, you will not be able to install future updates to Windows 8.1.

The update is free, but getting it can be tricky. This guide is here to help.

How NOT to get the update: Windows Store

Many announcements say you can download the Update from Windows Store, but when I searched for Windows Update on the Store, the top result …

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By Serdar Sutay of Chef Blog 15 days ago.

esigler : Added default_choice option to Knife:: UI#confirm.

DracoAter : Add support to the Cron resource for special strings, e.g. @ reboot.

ryotarai : Add support to the Cron resource for weekday passed as a symbol.

thommay : Made sure that node.save doesn't save the run_list when chef is running with override-run-list.

Maxime Caumartin : Fix mount resource when device is a relative symlink.

jessehu : Increase bootstrap log_level when knife -V -V is set

mveitas …

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It easily blends within a rails application. Provides a great UI experience with the use of AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly for each month and hooks for user-triggered events (like clicking or dragging an event) for an easy event editing functionality. The view can be easily customized using the configurations provided.

A demo version of this engine implementation can be viewed at http://vinsol.com/fullcalendar-demo

Work in progress : Optimizing Recurring Event functionality. …

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 20 days ago.

…Tarsnap is currently defined by what it doesn't have: no Windows client. No UI. Essentially no guidance about how to use it to successfully implement backups in your organization.

Tarsnap should instead focus on its strengths:

Tarsnap is for backing up servers, not for backing up personal machines. It is a pure B2B product. We'll keep prosumer entry points around mainly because I think Colin will go nuclear if I suggest otherwise, but we're going to start talking …

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By Shiv Kuman of New Relic 21 days ago.

Customizing the UI

You'll notice that our UI differs a bit from the default Discourse UI (see meta.discourse.org ). We've integrated our own header bar, added some custom UI elements and adjusted the homepage view from the Latest view to the Categories view. Most of this is possible out of the box with Discourse. They've got a nifty admin panel that allows you to easily do things like choose the default homepage view, pick the colors for each of your categories …

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In the second part we have the SSH configuration. There is one pre-requisite, the UI server should be able to connect to all servers using a SSH key. Therefore, our first step is to create a SSH key pair in our UI server and copy the public one to all other servers.

It is also necessary to add the private key in the web interface. You can do it using the form shown after clicking on " Add Key Pair":

Once the key is added, we can verify the access:

As we can see here, everything …

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By sarah of the evolving ultrasaurus 1 month ago.

…media, emails to users, Jason put together a few online events. He did most of the UI mockups, and often we would tag-team design or collaborate on a whiteboard. I wrote some code, adding specific features or fixing bugs, but spent more time writing words and talking to people than coding. The goal was really culture change, not simply producing a piece of software. We wanted this to be a project that would live on after we left, and it was a Smithsonian goal as well. We hoped that they …

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On ZURB 1 month ago.

A style guide should contain coded UI patterns such as buttons, that will be used throughout your product. But it's also guidelines on how and where to use them and in what context. You'll want to include enough information that someone could build out a site or more. Your style guide should contain the some of the following:


Code structure






But one last caveat. Be aware of what phase of the process you are in …

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