23 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Mike Perham of 2 years ago.

…::Client:: CHARSET MAP[' latin1'] = Encoding:: UTF 8

This will solve your problems in Ruby but will not solve your problems in the database: MySQL will still sort and compare strings thinking they are latin1 and thus do so incorrectly. Here's an example:

CREATE TABLE names_latin1 ( name varchar ( 32 ) character SET latin1 ) ; INSERT INTO names_latin1 VALUES ( 'Martin Strauße' ) ; INSERT INTO names_latin1 VALUES ( 'Martin Straure' ) ; INSERT …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 15 days ago.

Fixed some issues with printing UTF-8 log files on Heroku.

Added a new flag --ignore-app-not-running to passenger-config restart-app . When this flag is given, passenger-config restart-app will exit successfully when the specified application is not running, instead of exiting with an error.

Installing or upgrading to 4.0.41 OS X Debian Ubuntu Heroku Ruby gem Tarball


Phusion Passenger's core is open source. Please …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 1 month ago.

…passenger-install-nginx-module only works on terminals that support UTF-8 and that have a UTF-8 capable font. To cater to users who cannot meet these requirements (e.g. PuTTY users using any of the default Windows fonts), it is now possible to switch the menu to a plain text mode by pressing ‘!'. Fixes issue # 1066 .

Fixed printing UTF-8 characters in log files in Phusion Passenger Standalone.

It is now possible to dump live backtraces of Python apps through the …

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By John Resig of John Resig 5 months ago.

…new Iconv ( " EUC-JP" , " UTF-8" ) )

// Parse CSV as Object

. pipe ( csv ( { objectMode : true , columns : true } ) )

// Convert Object w/ Handlebars

. pipe ( es. mapSync ( tmpl ) )

// Join Strings

. pipe ( es. join ( " \n " ) )

// Concat Strings

. pipe ( es. wait ( ) )

// Wrap Strings

. pipe ( es. mapSync ( function ( data ) {

return "<table><tr><th>Name</th><th> City</th></tr> …

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The first two bugs are important. Those using pt-archiver -bulk-insert with UTF-8 data should definitely upgrade. Those using pt-heartbeat -utc should also definitely upgrade.

Users may note the revival of the -show-all option in pt-query-digest. This had been removed in 2.2.1, but resulted in too much output in certain cases.

A new -recursion-method was added to pt-table-checksum: cluster. This method attempts to auto-discover cluster nodes, alleviating the need to specify cluster node DSNs…

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By Craig of Heroku 1 year ago.

UTF-8 is now the default encoding

Much, much more

The list of new features is more than we can cover here. If you really wanted to dig in you can check the Ruby changelog

Running 2.0 on Heroku

If you're interested in taking advantage of these new features give it a try on Heroku today. To run Ruby 2.0 on Heroku you'll need this line in your Gemfile : ruby "2.0.0"

Then commit to git: $ git add . $ git commit -m "Using Ruby …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 1 year ago.

The UTF-8 default encoding, which make many magic comments omissible

Built-in libraries

Enumerable#lazy and Enumerator::Lazy, for (possibly infinite) lazy stream

Enumerator#size and Range#size, for lazy size evaluation

#to_h, which is a new convention for conversion to Hash

Onigmo, which is a new regexp engine (a fork of Oniguruma)

Asynchronous exception handling API

Debug support

DTrace support, which enables run-time diagnosis in production

TracePoint, which …

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By Craig of Heroku 1 year ago.

Unix, Plan 9 OS, The Unix Programming Environment book, UTF-8, and most recently the Go programming language .

Waza is the Japanese word for art and technique and it's where we celebrate craft and the creative process of software development with technical sessions and interactive artistic happenings .

In planning Waza 2013 we went back to reflect on last year's speakers. And we want to make the talks readily availble to anybody who could …

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By drbrain of Segment7 1 year ago.

The default output encoding for RDoc is now UTF-8. Previously RDoc used the default external encoding which was determined from your locale. Issue #106 by Justin Baker.

RDoc:: RI::Store is now RDoc::Store so ri data generated by RDoc 4 cannot be read by earlier versions of RDoc. RDoc:: RI::Store exists as an alias of RDoc::Store so ri data from older versions can still be read. RDoc:: RI::Store will be removed in RDoc 5.

Tests that create RDoc:: CodeObjects on …

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On Ruby News 1 year ago.

The default encoding for ruby scripts is now UTF-8 [#6679]. Some people report that it affects existing programs, such as some benchmark programs becoming very slow [ ruby-dev:46547].

Iconv was removed, which had already been deprecated when M17N was introduced in ruby 1.9. Use String#encode, etc. instead.

There is ABI breakage [ruby-core:48984]. We think that normal users can/should just reinstall extension libraries. You should be aware: DO NOT COPY .so OR .bundle FILES …

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