17 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By miraculous1 of mir.aculo.us 4 days ago.

Here's some things you need to make a successful web app:

A plan to make an application that helps real people to make their lives easier, solving a well-researched problem

Understand human psychology

Know how design, both in terms of UX flow and visual design

A marketing plan, to tell potential customers that your app solves their problem

A text editor

A web server

Probably some sort of database

A payment processor of sorts

Good security from the start

An understanding of tax laws in your country

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 9 days ago.

Samsung project called MIEUX, an acronym for "Make It Emotional UX", where " UX" is industry shorthand for "user experience". The acronym is based on the French word mieux, which means "better".

The "better" that the project is going for is "the creation of a more intuitive and emotional Samsung Mobile interface". They argue that the design of Samsung mobile user interfaces at that time was merely utilitarian, not user-friendly, …

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On Lee Munroe 14 days ago.

You're left with a UX artifact you can use to explore new ideas and help guide your UX roadmap.

I recently did this with Mailgun . It helped identify some areas that we often take for granted, or areas that I wasn't aware how big a problem they were. We also identified some quick wins.

Free template for Omnigraffle

Here is a blank template I put together with Omnigraffle. Feel free to download and use it for documenting your CX map.

Download CX Map Omnigraffle…

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On igvita.com 3 months ago.

…The more fonts are used, the more requests will be made and more bytes will be incurred. The general UX best practice is to keep the number of used fonts at a minimum, which also aligns with our performance goals. Step one: use web fonts, but audit your font usage periodically and try to keep it lean.

Measuring web font latencies

The transfer latency of each font file is dependent on its bytesize, which in turn is determined by the number of glyphs, font metadata (e.g hinting for …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 3 months ago.

Here's a closer-up shot of Magazine UX:

Click the photo to see it at full size.

Here's Rappler's hands-on video with Magazine UX:

For those people who says that Samsung's software is always derivative of others', Magazine UX just provides more evidence. It looks like a hybrid of Flipboard and Microsoft's " Modern UI", the UI formerly known as Metro. Here's Phonedog's side-by-side comparison of Magazine UX and Modern UI…

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 3 months ago.

Interesting UX exercise : can you guess which button does what?

Empty States chronicles great examples of empty state UIs.

Pixel Perfect

Web Typography: Using The Golden Ratio and REM's . That's an interesting way to work with rem , but also ...

Why I dislike the rem unit tackles the problem with older browers, buggy implementations, and media queries. So maybe no rem for me this year.

Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts tackles …

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By Beth Klem of New Relic 3 months ago.

Experiment early and often.

A/B testing isn't always conclusive. If the changes aren't intended to produce purely numbers-driven results, use other methods to test.

UX and Marketing teams need to work together to find the sweet spot between balancing User and Business needs.

The post Inform Your Design with Data: Part 3 appeared first on New Relic blog .

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By Dominic of Blog | The Working Group 4 months ago.

Secondary UX skills in interaction design, front-end development, drawing, animation, or video

A Bachelor's Degree in Design or formal training in graphic design or a related work experience

Benefits & Perks:

Awesome workmates

Competitive salary

Full health benefits after 3 months

New phone and paid contract after 6 months

Funding for your own computer purchase on hire

24×7 healthy snacks and very delicious coffee

Dog-friendly office in Toronto's downtown …

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 4 months ago.

…lovers and philosophers among us have a meme of our own.

Gmail blows up e-mail marketing by caching all images on Google servers . I can see some UX value in this change. Also, turn the dial down on email marketing, increase the value for Google ads.

Changes to Twitter's block behavior :

there's nothing false about effectively driving away a large percentage of drive-by harassment

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By Guest Post of New Relic 5 months ago.

SaaS product, while our medical staff on the ground enjoys the kind of high-performing UX that other cloud-based EMR platforms wouldn't afford them, given Uganda's current Internet infrastructure.

The more years I spend building modern software, the more convinced I am that performance and UX are the true skills in our field and the keys to a successful project. This venture is certainly no exception. The majority of the users of our system have little experience with either …

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