16 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By simon of For the attention of last week almost 5 years ago.

These all setup your system with the right unix GIS libraries to support GeoDjango

3) Install OSX developer Tools

This bit is a total pain, but you only have to do it once. Break open the CD's that came with your Mac, and find the one that says XCode or Developer tools or something.

Browse to the installer, and just install it all.

4) Install PostgreSQL & PostGIS

This section is from a web browser and the finder. It's just easier that way.

Download …

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 8 days ago.

Unixes are old, and deep, and complicated. It is much easier to understand Unix (and friends) through the lens of an archaeological dig than it is to build a mental model of it as a coherent, well-designed piece of engineering. It has layers and layers and layers of systems which all interact successfully, without being designed to be aware of each other in any sense at all. The whole reason Unix works is because it has this very simple "everything is a file" paradigm, which enables …

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 13 days ago.

If you've ever used the UNIX tar utility, you'll probably be able to go from here on your own...

If you actually aren't a master of the UNIX tar utility, don't worry, there's a man page available. (It won't actually help you accomplish your goal, because you are not a crusty UNIX sysadmin.)

This positioning has the benefit of being pretty clear — you will, indeed, quickly get the point and not use Tarsnap if you are not a crusty UNIX sysadmin — …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 19 days ago.

@abt_programming : "I am a Unix Creationist. I believe the world was created on January 1, 1970 and as prophesized, will end on January 19, 2038" - @ teropa

@ demisbellot : Cloud prices are hitting attractive price points, one more 40-50% drop and there'd be little reason to go it alone.

@ scott4arrows : Dentist "Do you floss regularly?" Me "Do you back up your computer data regularly?"

@ avestal : "I Kickstarted…

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By Patrick Reagan of Viget.com Blogs 22 days ago.

OSX Mavericks (which requires installing XCode), but other flavors of Unix should have the headers available for installation if they don't ship with the OS (e.g. apt-get install libncurses5-dev on Ubuntu).

Once you have the necessary dependencies installed, let's start with the basic building block of any ncurses-based program: the window.


Since we have a simple simulation, we only need to create a single window and draw to it: initscr(); // Initialize …

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By Graham Dumpleton of New Relic 29 days ago.

Our prime focus at New Relic has traditionally been monitoring of web applications. However, most sites will be comprised of a lot more than just the web app — there can also be persistent backend services for executing background tasks, or even individual scripts that are periodically run from scheduling systems such as UNIX cron. As a result, our different language agents also provide various abilities to monitor activity occurring in such additional applications, reporting the data collected as background tasks.

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By Julian Dunn of Chef Blog 1 month ago.

…to do subprocess creation safely. The library also knows how to deal with various malfunctioning Unix fork implementations, Ruby garbage collection bugs, reaping dead children, and all the fun housekeeping that comes along with subprocess management. We recommend using it, rather than system or Process.spawn , since badly-behaved subprocesses could hang or crash the entire Chef run.

Chef:: Mixin:: ShellOut is a wrapper around mixlib-shellout that handles loading …

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By Zeke of Heroku 1 month ago.

…modules with C dependencies that must be compiled for the target architecture, like Windows/ UNIX

Heroku's 64-bit Linux architecture like bson , ws , or hiredis . This compilation step is a time-consuming process. To keep builds as fast, Heroku's node buildpack caches dependencies after they're downloaded and compiled so they can be re-used on subsequent deploys. This cache means reduced network traffic and fewer compiles.

Ignoring the node_modules directory …

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On Ruby on Rails Tutorial News 1 month ago.

Command Line , a book and screencast series on Linux and Unix commands by author Mark Bates, which (like the Rails Tutorial) includes a free online version . In addition, there is already a version of the Rails Tutorial book that builds on Softcover, and in the coming weeks I plan to move the full tutorial over to the Softcover platform (taking care to preserve things like legacy download links). Watch for an announcement once the change-over is complete.

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By Shannon Behrens of JJinuxLand 1 month ago.

I'd also like to point out that it's important to not overlook the utility of UNIX processes. Everyone knows how useful the multiprocessing module is and that processes are the best approach in Python for dealing with CPU bound workloads (because you don't have to worry about the GIL).

However, using a pre-fork model is also a great way of building stateless web applications. If you have to handle a lot of requests, but you don't have to handle a very large number simultaneously, …

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