20 April 2014

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…Please visit http://making.vimeo.com for more information and thanks to Vimeo for sharing this tool!

Here is the rough list of iterations we worked through in developing this tool/process:

Standard pt-heartbeat update/monitor

Asynchronous, threaded update/monitor tool

Synchronized (via zeroMQ), threaded version of the tool


Initially, we had been running pt-heartbeat (with default interval of 1.0) to monitor real replication delay. This was fine for …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 27 days ago.

Here's a classic piece of not-so-savory tech culture. It's a video featuring Jakob Lodwick, then a partner at Connected Ventures, the people behind CollegeHumor, Busted Tees and Vimeo, giving a grand tour of the office. He opens the tour by emphasizing that the office is full of "young, vibrant" people — he was in his twenties at the time. Around the 4:35 mark, the video goes deeper into the topic of "old people" — that they just don't get …

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 4 months ago.

…about "the movies." Abstract motion-graphics coded in Processing and posted on Vimeo, that's "cyberpunk." You don't wanna make movies that are about guys with computers. You want to use digital composition to seize control of the means of producing cinema. And then do it all yourself! That's "punk." Hollywood product is commerce, it's about fanboy culture.

While it's certainly very likely that monied elites will find ways to …

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On Ruby News 7 months ago.

…also local speakers you may not have seen before. The topics were very diverse and the talks were enlightening. We also had a variety of workshops, and afterwards people socialized and explored the city it was hosted in.

You can get additional information by following us on twitter at @rubyconf_au , subscribing to our mailing list, or viewing 2013's talks on Vimeo.

We hope to see you there!

Posted by Andrew Grimm on 4 Oct 2013

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On Labnotes 9 months ago.

§ Jessica Kerr :

Would you rather spend two hours thinking and ten minutes typing code, or two hours writing code?

I can tell you which I'd rather read.

§ Choosing an OSS license doesn't need to be scary .

§ How Twitter favorite spam works .

§ This is pretty cool: Embed Responsively helps build responsive embed codes for embedding rich third-party media into responsive web pages. Works with YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Instagram and more.

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 9 months ago.

Keith Perhac and I are back with the 5th epsiode of the Kalzumeus podcast.

Keith and I both have experience working as consultants in software development and online marketing. People often ask us how to transition away from the feast-or-famine nature of freelancing, where you do very well when you're delivering engagements and getting them paid quickly, and then do very poorly when work dries up or you have invoice collection issues. One way to improve on this is building recurring …

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By Adam Keys of The Real Adam 1 year ago.

…watching people make things, and I doubly love hearing their passion for whatever it is they're making. Even more enlightening, this is a very international series. It's not all hipster shops in San Francisco, Portland, and Brooklyn; it's everywhere.

This is delightful stuff.

How coffee is made in a colorful shop in another country, shot in the " Vimeo style" (is this a thing?): that will always get me.

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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic over 1 year ago.

…application framework". Counting customers such as DirecTV, Intuit, Vimeo and Xero, developers are able to build apps that incorporate:

* Scrolling and animations

* Adaptive layouts

* Geolocation

* Touch events

* And more

Although it doesn't support as many mobile operating systems as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch supports the key players of iOS and Android. They also make deploying to Android easier by providing a support matrix for a number of Android …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability over 1 year ago.

…computation over differently priced compute resources. This isn't just a false economy either. Vimeo saves up to 50% on their video transcoding bill by intelligently playing the spot, reserved, and on-demand markets. If you are ready for some advanced reindeer games then take a look at Vimeo EC2 transcoding where they explain their thinking. Even if you don't like their rules, it's the strategy that matters. This presentation was from 2011, so it would be interesting …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 1 year ago.

…detection/recognition app with MacRuby. Links to code, slides, and the Vimeo video within.

An ActiveRecord-Based Reputation System (RailsCasts)

If you need to calculate an average user's rating or sum up a number of votes, consider using the 'activerecord-reputation-system' gem. Here Ryan Bates covers the basics and presents a from-scratch solution.

The Ruby Rogues Talk Domain Driven Design ( DDD) with David Laribee

Libraries and Code …

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