21 April 2014

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On DevEiate: Blog over 2 years ago.

If you're using the WebKit formatter, or any other formatter for that matter, add this to the @.tm_properties@ either in your $HOME (to apply it to all RSpec bundle output), or in a specific project's @.tm_properties@ file:

TM RSPEC OPTS = '-rrspec/core/formatters/ webkit' TM RSPEC FORMATTER = ' RSpec:: Core:: Formatters:: WebKit'

I'm excited about the possibilities of tweaking the editor's behavior on a directory-by-directory basis.

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By Chase Douglas of New Relic 10 days ago.

…workaround for having to build Chrome for iOS on top of the built-in iOS WebKit engine, the browser needs to use some tricks, such as using AJAX to hit a local HTTP endpoint, to do things like URL verification. Our instrumentation was somehow triggering a bug that caused Chrome for iOS to believe that valid URLs were bad. For now, we have disabled AJAX timing for Chrome for iOS, but we plan to bring it back soon with workarounds for this issue.

‘a.highchartsObject' é …

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By Adam of Transcending Frontiers over 2 years ago.

…:webkit if you want to choose the driver on a per scenario / describe basis. The same applies to @ webkit in Cucumber.

If you're on OS X, when you first run tests using capybara-webkit the OS X firewall might go a little crazy since it works by connecting over a socket. Just approve it and you're on your way.

You may also have issues if you're using transaction fixtures. If so, read the " Transactional Fixtures" section of the Capybara README.

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 1 month ago.

…'s, you need C. If you want to hack on the V8 JavaScript engine, or WebKit, you need C++. Come to think of it, I saw another interesting job ad which required a C background - Mozilla's hiring a research engineer to help them build Rust .)

I've also seen some very inspiring work in Clojure, and everything Arduino runs on C.

Anyway, just to end with some useful tips, I haven't gotten into the classic text yet, but I've found …

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By Loren Segal of gnuu.org 1 month ago.

Atom has a ton of potential. The power of using WebKit to render a UI opens a ton of doors, because it literally lets you customize every single pixel in the window. That's power I don't even think Vim or Emacs have. There are so many plugin ideas I have with that kind of power, including local Fiddle support, live updating game IDE features (you can use a Canvas to live-render your game) like Processing , live Brackets -style web editing, and …

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By Mislav of Mislav's blog 2 months ago.

CSS transitions for an element just added to the DOM won't work in either Webkit or Mozilla. To work around this, we used to defer setting CSS properties with setTimeout (see 272513b).

This solved the problem for Webkit, but not for latest versions of Firefox. Mozilla seems to need at least 15ms timeout, and even this value varies.

A better solution for both engines is to trigger "layout". This is done here by reading clientLeft from an element. There are other …

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By sarah of the evolving ultrasaurus 3 months ago.

…use a "transaction" strategy to reset our test environment with Capybara:: Webkit. Instead we use the "truncation" strategy, which simple blows away all of the data after each test run.

Why bother with transactions?

Truncation will work just as well with Rack::Test as transcations, so why introduce the complexity of two different configurations? The Database Cleaner README explains: "For the SQL libraries the fastest option will be to use :transaction …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 4 months ago.

Codebrag - New code review tool with git and svn support.

Capybara Webkit 1.1.0: Screenshots and Better ClickFailed debugging - A couple of new features for this automated test tool.

How MySQL memory table saved the day - Optimizing by tossing an entire table into RAM.

Using Thor as Rake Replacement - How to set up your scripts with Thor as a backbone.

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If you pop open this file, you'll get to clearly see what Capybara Webkit did when you were trying to click on that button:

There's even a beautiful mouse cursor illustrating the exact location you attempted to click.


If you're using Capybara Webkit 1.0.0, you can update easily.

Edit your Gemfile : gem 'capybara-webkit', '~> 1.1.0'

Update your bundle: % bundle update capybara-webkit

And you're good to go!

We also included …

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KDE, Apple, Google, Trolltech, and Nokia for Webkit and QtWebKit, which enabled our capybara-webkit.

Thank you to Google and Paul Irish for Chrome Developer Tools.

Thank you to Bill Joy, Bram Moolenaar, and Tim Pope for making and improving Vim, our preferred text editor since forever.

Thank you to the many Postgres committers for a rock-solid and always-improving database.

Thank you to Mattt Thompson for AFNetworking and NSHipster.

Thank you to Allen Ding…

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