20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 1 year ago.

Hey, it's HighScalability time:

1 Billion/Month : Active Mostly Mobile YouTube Users

Quotable Quotes:

@ NeckbeardHacker : "Wait...he reimplemented swatch and rsync in chef, node and mongo?"" Yup." "......Why?""Go easy on him...he's a Ninjipsterstar."

@b6n : Scale myth #1: Your service is a unique snowflake.

@ polotek : If you don't care about bugs, …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 1 year ago.

…should contact me — jdevilla@ctstech.net or 647-985-5639 — as soon as possible and we should get talking.

Here's a Google Maps view of the area:

View Larger Map

...here are the floor plans (click to see a larger version):

Yup, the office has a small shower room attached to the kitchen! Good for those of you who do bike commutes (myself included).

...and here are some photos:

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Yup. It certainly does not like that.

Let's create a very real-world, enterprise-level, business-critical test case:

invalid_byte_spec.rb require 'rspec'

def replace_name(body, name) body.gsub(/joel/, name) end

describe 'replace_name' do it 'removes my name' do body = "hello joel"

replace_name(body, 'hank').should eq "hello hank" end

it 'clears out invalid UTF-8 bytes' do body = "hello …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 1 year ago.

The Video

Earlier this month, I pointed to TshirtOS, the smart t-shirt designed by CuteCircuit and sponsored by Ballantine's ( yup, the whiskey company) and included a video of the shirt in action. They've posted a new video which takes a little dramatic licence in order to remind us that in the right hands — or the very, very wrong ones — technology can be a gateway to adventure:

In case you don't believe that a gadget in the right hands can turn an ordinary …

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…55248d6 ) and fixed some code formatting ( f31aa72 ). Yup.


The only news for capybara-webkit this week is that Joe Ferris ( jferris , a.k.a. JƒF) does not want bug reports about system-specific compilation issues ( 6b724ef ). We simply can't fix them.


Nothing new on clearance , but Dan Croak ( croaky ) did get it working under Travis CI ( 3430e88 ).


Tiny cleanups …

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By Ann of Signal vs. Noise almost 2 years ago.

- Google Hangouts. Yup, we investigated it. Great service, but it's limited to 10 people, unless you want a public hangout, which we don't. (Sorry, it's not personal)

- GoToMeeting & WebX & Join.me. GoToMeeting works great for our Basecamp classes . They're all great if we have one speaker.

- AdobeConnect. We need an " Enterprise Specialist" to help us connect. What does that even mean?

- Meet-ups. A few times a year, everyone …

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By Gregg of Orlando Ruby Users Group almost 2 years ago.


Oh, and please take a moment to RSVP over on http://www.meetup.com/Orlando-Ruby/ . Yup, we're moving over to Meetup.. so this page may end up Redirecting over there any moment now.

Also, if you're not subscribed to the Orlando Tech Events newsletter , you may want to go do that now, there are a ton of great events around town this month.

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fuckyeahneilmcneil :

gummybeargleeks :

2x20 - Friday

Sung by: Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale & Mark Salling ( Sam/Artie/Puck)

Yup. This is epic.

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By Aaron Patterson of Tender Lovemaking 3 years ago.

Yup. But I merely simplified a real world problem. As I mentioned earlier, you can see the awkwardness of this API in rack .

But now that we know about this problem, we can identify middleware that will break streaming responses. For example, Rails defines a middleware that checks connections back in to the connection pool . If our ERb in Rails was streaming, we would lose the database connection during ERb render. The same is true with the query cache in …

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By Adron Hall of New Relic 2 years ago.

The most used database in the world, isn't that how it goes? Yup, MySQL is supported too.

* How to Setup a MySQL Service with Cloud Foundry (from Manij Strestha )

* Introduction to the Cloud Foundry MySQL Service

* Using MySQL with Ruby

* SpringSource Deployment with Cloud Foundry with MySQL

There are indeed many more technologies that have Cloud Foundry support. I hope this collection of getting started links …

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