25 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 7 days ago.

…the server synchronously. Local and remote photos are treated as equivalent objects. Actions take effect immediately locally then work there way out globally. Changes are used to stay consistent. A fast hash is used to tell what photos have not been backed up to dropbox. Remote operations happen asynchronously.

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By Mark of Signal vs. Noise over 3 years ago.

…in our local MogileFS cluster and it would be immediately available for download. Asynchronously, we would upload the file to S3, and after around 20 minutes, we would begin serving it directly from S3. The staging of files in MogileFS was necessary to account for the eventually consistent nature of S3.

While we've been generally happy with that configuration, I thought that we could save money over the long term by moving our data out of S3 and onto local storage. …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside 4 years ago.

Event-based parsing instead uses callbacks to process JSON and YAML asynchronously.

PDF :: Writer Deprecated - Prawn 1.0 Under Development

Prawn is a pure Ruby PDF generation library that abstracts away a lot of the PDF -specific nonsense into a form that makes it easy to produce PDFs from Ruby code. Its creator, Gregory Brown, has retired the older PDF :: Writer library in order to focus on the development of Prawn 1.0 . Gregory

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By Mike Perham of 4 years ago.

The database driver itself must be modified to send SQL asynchronously. The postgresql driver, for instance, calls the exec(sql) method for all traffic to the database. So we just need to provide an exec method which uses Fibers under the covers to work asynchronously.

AR's connection pooling needs to be Fiber-safe. Out of the box, it is Thread-safe. Since we are using an execution model based on a single Thread with multiple Fibers, all the Fibers would try to use …

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