20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 4 months ago.

Our first Router and Action Controller

Exercise 4 - courses_controller.rb

Exercise 5 - NameError

Exercise 6 - Catch Exceptions

Exercise 7 - Using Google's Geocoding API

Some optimization for Saral

Optional: Request and Response with Saral

Optional: Rack Middleware with Saral

Rendering Views

Exercise 8 - Street View modified

Exercise 9 - Saral Web Service: Sorter

How to upload your Framework Gem to RubyGems.org

How to upload your …

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By Jesper of Heroku 1 year ago.

…rare slow request takes 5000ms. In the first diagram, you can see how a slow request, coming in to Router 1, is passed to Dyno 1. Until Dyno 1 is finished with that request, Router 1 will not send any more requests to that dyno. However, Routers 2 and 3 may still send requests to that dyno.

Meanwhile, as illustrated in the next diagram, because Routers 2 and 3 are not aware that Dyno 1 is busy, they may still queue up one request each for Dyno 1. These requests are delayed until …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup almost 2 years ago.

Week of April 15 - April 29, 2012

Well, two weeks actually, but who's counting?

In 41af36f5 Rails moves from the unmaintained ruby-debug19 gem to the newer debugger fork - something you ought to do in any old projects as well.

rake notes gets updated in 55ceced1 to also look at your css, scss, and js files.

Rails routing gets a bit safer with 56cdc81c . This commit changes the router DSL to require an HTTP verb (or the override :via => :all ) when using the match method.

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 2 years ago.

rack-mount - Router for rack so it can support multiple applications in one (like Rails engines).

rack-ssl - Support for forcing all requests to use SSL.

rack-test - Testing API for rack applications.

rails - Rails itself. Though really there's not much IN the rails gem.

railties - Rails bootstrapping, command line, and generators core - the "glue" that holds everything else together.

rdoc - Documentation generator.

sprockets - Library for compiling …

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By Hiro Asari of Engine Yard Developer Blog over 2 years ago.

# wrap them with a load-balancing router @ router = actorOf { PiRouter.new(workers) }.start end

# message handler def onReceive(message) if message.kind_of? Calculate # schedule work @nrOfMessages.times do |start| @router.sendOneWay(Work.new(start, @ nrOfElements), context) end

# send a PoisonPill to all workers telling them to shut down themselves @router.sendOneWay(Routing::Broadcast.new(Actors.poisonPill))

# send a PoisonPill to the router, …

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By Ryan of Signal vs. Noise 3 years ago.

…that were in the areas that MicroSolutions focused on, I remember vividly being told how lucky I was to have expertise in such a hot area, as technology stocks started to trade up.

Of course, no one wanted to comment on how lucky I was to spend time reading software manuals, or Cisco Router manuals, or sitting in my house testing and comparing new technologies, but that's a topic for another blog post.

Mark Cuban

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On Coding Horror over 3 years ago.

…Super User , even going so far as to set up a Recommend Me a Router chat room . (We disallow product recommendation questions as they become uselessly out of date so quickly, but this is a perfect topic for a chat room.) I got some fantastic advice from my fellow Super Users via chat, though much of it was of the far too sane "if it ain't broke don't fix it" variety. Well, that's just not how I work . To be fair, the router market is not …

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By wycats of Katz Got Your Tongue? over 3 years ago.

…on it. When I first met Carl, he was working on a rewrite of the Merb router, the one part of Merb I was still scared to work on. I met Andy Delcambre, who now works on Engine Yard's AppCloud, after he volunteered to help with Merb.

I met Loren Segal, well-known for the YARD documentation tool, while working to give Merb documentation I could be proud of. And I became the first Github user outside of Chris, PJ and Tom in order to get the Merb project on git. …

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By Simone Carletti of Simone Carletti's Blog over 3 years ago.

DEPRECATION WARNING: You are using the old router DSL which will be removed in Rails 3.1. Please check how to update your routes file at: http://www.engineyard.com/blog/2010/the-lowdown-on-routes-in-rails-3/. (called from /Users/weppos/ Sites/working/simonecarletti/config/routes.rb:1)

The solution is really straightforward, just around the corner, but you need to be good enough playing "spot the difference" game. If you're not, here's the trick.

Make sure the # draw…

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On Patrick Lenz over 3 years ago.

…running your tests may reveal another deprecation notice to the effect of "You are using the old router DSL which will be removed in Rails 3.1", with an unhelpful pointer to deprecated_wrapper.rb . This time, the fix goes into your config/ routes.rb : # Old YourAppName::Application.routes.draw do |map| # .. end

# New YourAppName::Application.routes.draw do # .. end

Spot the difference? And the notice is gone.

Additionally, there's an environment-specific way to …

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