19 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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On ZURB 4 months ago.

Screenshot of the storybook format with helpful explanations

Half-jokingly, we threw a ninja into the presentation. "A comic ninja who explains the legalese — wouldn't that be hilarious?" Maybe it would be too flippant. McAfee was a serious company, after all, and privacy isn't a trivial subject. But the ninja stayed. Why not?

To our surprise (and her delight), Michelle loved the ninja idea most.

New Ideas Need Extra Development

This format was the first of …

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On ZURB almost 2 years ago.

It took the median user 26.139 seconds to click on the screenshot.

Test 2: Do people know where to paste a link to add a new bitmark?

It's clear people were confused by the formerly-straightforward action of creating a bitmark. But what if we phrased the question slightly differently and opened the "Add a bitmark" entry field?

We had 83 responses to this second test, which observed if a user understood where to paste a link. In the new design, you can add a new bitmark in …

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…not logged in. It's kind of like sending someone a link to a pastebin or something like that. Screenshot:

Another new feature is something I've wanted for a long time: the ability to generate a more strict, safer configuration file. There's a new page in the Wizard that lets you set a lot of sanity/safety options to prevent common problems MySQL users run into because of too-permissive MySQL behaviors. These are the kinds of things that Drizzle fixes — and should …

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Screenshot below from Amir's count so that you don't say I fudged the numbers :)


You can build great stuff on any platform now a days. It's cool to see what "the other frameworks" are doing to see what we can learn from them. If you're a .NET dev, play with Rails and check it out!

Some links from the presentation:

Rails Demo app: http://pomodoroz.herokuapp.com/

Rails App source code: https://github.com/marcjeanson/Pomodoroz …

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By Patrick Lenz of Patrick Lenz over 2 years ago.

LIMBO Screenshot

For one reason or another I was stuck on my Mac tonight, not focussed enough to do "real" work. So here I was, browsing the Mac App Store, not necessarily for games. LIMBO is currently one of its " Spotlight Apps", with a full description of simply "Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO". It's a beautifully animated, puzzle and jump'n'run game with an admittedly very dark, creepy atmosphere. Think of it sort …

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By yan of Yan Pritzker over 2 years ago.

Bet your TextMate can't do this! Screenshot first, how-to follows :)

And now the how-to...

ConqueTerm for a color-enabled embedded vim terminal

ConqueTerm is pretty magical. It gives you an embedded shell where you can run bash, rib, rake, really..you name it. All with full ansi color support. This lets us run red green tests that actually look green and not as a bunch of ansi escape codes.


Direct Download Link

Install: follow directions on homepage or just :so conque_2.3.vmb from vim and restart

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 3 years ago.

…single graphic, guaranteeing that it wouldn't be properly indexed by search engines. Here's a screenshot:

Don't bother visiting the site . It's gone.

In September of that year, I wrote in an article titled ICT Toronto: I Know What You DIDN'T Do This Summer :

It's almost five months later, and it appears that not much has happened. I haven't seen a press release since the one for their launch party, and a Google News search for …

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By Jamis of the { buckblogs :here } - Home over 3 years ago.

…attract your attention: "Got a question?" Tapping on that option will take you to the third screenshot: " Common Questions".

There aren't a lot of questions here right now: just six things that I expect people might want to know. As I get feedback from people using Ekawada "in the wild", I'll grow that list.

I'm sure that as the app gets used, deficiencies in my approach here will surface. In the end, the best anyone can do is guess until the …

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By Martin Sadler of RubyLearning Blog over 3 years ago.

A similar pattern of refactoring was carried out here as per the Screenshot class.

Probably the most interesting point is the way you can use Ruby to capture a block of code. In the case of the Screenshot application there are certain actions we only want to be executed when the user clicks a menu item. You can see these as code surrounded by curly braces. Alternatively they could have been written as follows: app.item('Take Screenshot') do Screenshot.capture end

Which does …

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On Scout ~ The Blog over 3 years ago.

…homepage lists the Raplets documentation in PDF format.

We use Ruby on Rails, so our controller logic looks something like this:

Our view generates the HTML shown in the above screenshot.

Value of Sidekick Apps

I handle a number of activities at Scout and it's great to have a sidekick app like Rapportive. It's a lightweight tool that helps me provide better support.

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