25 April 2014

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside 9 months ago.

Aaron ' tenderlove' Patterson's RubyConf India 2013 Keynote

An hour with Ruby and Rails core contributor Aaron ' tenderlove' Patterson covering esoteric Ruby stuff and Postgres to career advice and cats. Warning: The audio is rather poor here and cuts out entirely for the second half so don't waste your time if this will drive you crazy.

5 Minutes of EuRuKo 2013

European Ruby conference ( EuRuKo) took place in Athens

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By James Mead of Blog - James Mead over 1 year ago.

Release Notes

Major overhaul of MiniTest & Test::Unit integration. Mocha now integrates with later versions of the two test libraries using documented hooks rather than monkey-patching. This should mean that Mocha will integrate with new versions of either library without the need to release a new version of Mocha each time, which was clearly bad and unsustainable. Many thanks to @ tenderlove , @ zenspider & @kou for their help, suggestions & patience.

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By José Valim of Plataformatec Blog over 1 year ago.

A couple weeks ago, Aaron Patterson (aka @ tenderlove ) wrote about getting rid of config.threadsafe! on Rails 4 . When discussing multi-process and multi-threaded servers in production, one important aspect of the discussion that came up in the blog post was code loading.

This blog post is about which code loading strategies exist in a Rails application, how they affect multi-process and multi-threaded servers, and how to build libraries that will behave well in both environments.

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside 1 year ago.

Aaron ' tenderlove' Patterson says that "depending on your app, using define_method is faster on boot, consumes less memory, and probably doesn't signigicantly impact performance" compared to eval-based techniques. (And he has the numbers to prove it.)

Steel City Ruby Conference 2013 CFP Now Open

Steel City Ruby takes places in Pittsburgh, PA on August 16-17 and the CFP is now open if you want to submit a talk. The Burlington Ruby Conference…

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By Mislav of Mislav's blog almost 2 years ago.

Railsberry: a look back

I was about to write my thoughts about Railsberry in Kraków two weeks ago, but I changed my mind and decided to let their awesome photos speak to you instead.

Therefore, I present you few moments from the Railsberry conference—in pictures.

Grass field outside the venue for resting

Magnificent catering for lunch

Vuvuzelas would stop lighning talks that were too long

Mayhem after a game of Balloon Hero

Tenderlove's Friday hug—with backup

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By Matt Aimonetti of Merbist 2 years ago.

…I'd like to stop to give a huge props to Aaron " @ tenderlove " Patterson, the man who's actively working to reduce the technical debts in the Rails code base. This is a really hard job and definitely not a very glamorous one. He's been working on various parts of Rails including its router and its ORM ( ActiveRecord). Technical debts are unfortunately normal in most project, but sometimes they are overwhelming to the point that nobody dares …

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By Gregory Brown of Practicing Ruby almost 3 years ago.

Aaron Patterson ( @ tenderlove )

Aaron is another Ruby hacker who has been in the Ruby community for a long time and has worked on a number of cool projects, including Nokogiri and Mechanize. I've been a friend of Aaron's for a while, and have always admired his abilities as both a hacker and story teller. But the thing that really impressed me about Aaron's work in 2010 is his writing for the AT&T Interactive Engineering.

Recently, Aaron has …

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By santiago.pastorino of WyeWorks Blog - The Team's Voice 2 years ago.

…core we need the plugin to show significant performance improvements for real API applications, so it's important to let us know about your results.

<3 <3 <3 Find me at RailsConf. Tenderlove and I are giving out hugs for free!

Update #1 : Wycats who after working with us ( South American rubyists) is known as wygatos (figure our why :P), is adhering to the campaign of giving hugs for free.

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By spastorino of Riding Rails - home almost 3 years ago.

From the core team: Aaron Patterson ( tenderlove), Xavier Noria (fxn) and Santiago Pastorino (spastorino), and the core contributors: Damien Mathieu ( dmathieu), Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) and Josh Kalderimis (joshk) will be around, so don't hesitate to ask whatever questions you may have.


The weekend of July 23-24th, 2011



Server: irc.freenode.net Channel: # rails-contrib

In real life:

What could be better than gathering together …

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On James on Software 3 years ago.

A while back, it came to my attention that ruby's net/https implementation had an insecure default: not verifying TLS certificates ( OpenSSL:: SSL:: VERIFY NONE). I wrote an article about it for RubyInside, and helped @ geemus fix the issue in his excon gem. Despite this being an incredibly serious security issue, nobody really seemed to care. Oh well.

Then today, one of the biggest names in the ruby community, Aaron Patterson (aka @ tenderlove) , …

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