17 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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I'm very pleased announce that our popular Intro to Ruby on Rails workshop is now available to take as a month-long online version.

The online workshop will run from February 4th to March 1st. After that, you get ongoing support from the thoughtbot team for any Ruby on Rails questions you have.

Our online workshops have been going very well, and in this latest round we've switched from text-based Campfire chat for office hours to full audio and video in Google Hangouts.

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett almost 2 years ago.

DMX ; it's kind of like MIDI , except that it's text-based. Open source libraries for it exist in CoffeeScript , Ruby , and a few other languages. I've picked up a DMX-controllable strobe light , with a range of 1 to 15 flashes per second, and if I get that working, extending the same or similar functionality to DMX lasers should be more or less trivial. When it comes to connecting the lights to your computer, this box looks …

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By Matt of Signal vs. Noise almost 3 years ago.

Text-based, a simple way to access your healthcare provider.

Video Visits

Meet face-to-face with your provider without leaving home.

Lab Results

Save time and review test results and other important information online.

Hello Health emerged from the house calls and same-day "e-visits" of Dr. Jay Parkinson, a NYC doctor. When he launched his practice, Parkinson accepted PayPal, but not insurance. 300 patients signed up in the first three months. He said , …

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On Jimmy Schementi 4 years ago.

The console is hooked up to sys.stdout , so your existing text-based Python scripts can come alive in the browser (sans reading from stdin). Also, any print statements you use in the app will show up in the console as well, making it a great println-debugging tool.

Let's play around with the page a bit, adding a DOM element and changing it's HTML content to " Ouch!" when clicked:

How all this works

Wow, Python works in the browser! Let's look behind the …

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