17 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By wycats of Katz Got Your Tongue? over 3 years ago.

…the years since Ezra first announced Merb, Rails had gotten thread-safe, Rack support, and some improvements to the internals. After hashing out the details (in some very contentious conversations), we decided to give it a try, announcing we would merge the projects on December 23, 2008. That announcement quite literally changed the trajectory of my life. In the almost two years since that announcement, I have worked harder than I have ever worked before, and am more proud of …

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On MacRuby Posts almost 4 years ago.

…of Oniguruma for regular expression compilation and pattern matching. Since ICU is thread-safe, MacRuby 0.6 allows multiple threads to utilize regular expressions in a very efficient way, which was not possible previously.

All these changes were designed and implemented to honor compatibility with previous releases of MacRuby. They should not be directly visible.

Better Ruby Compatibility

Ruby compatibility is still progressing but is now much better than in 0.5.

MacRuby 0.6 …

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By Mike Perham of 4 years ago.

AR's connection pooling needs to be Fiber-safe. Out of the box, it is Thread-safe. Since we are using an execution model based on a single Thread with multiple Fibers, all the Fibers would try to use the same connection, with disastrous consequences.

These are the things that em_postgresql does.

postgres_connection is a basic, EM-aware Postgres driver. It provides the Fibered exec() method which makes the whole thing asynchronous.

em_postgresql_adapter.rb …

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