Basic strategy game Slots

Most players play slots on not only to enjoy the gaming process in the online casino, but also to win. At the same time, many not only hope for good luck, but also try to find their strategy for playing online slots, which will bring a steady income.

Basic slot game strategy

In games such as poker, there is a concept of basic strategy that increases the expectation of an event. Unfortunately, the player in the slot machines is deprived of this opportunity, so the strategy of playing the slot machines simply does not exist.

But at the same time, the player is given the right to choose one option or another in the bonus game. However, his choice and in this case, the expectation remains unchanged. Moreover, it is already taken into account in the payments of the slot itself.

Despite these sad circumstances for any player, there are several methods to win at slot machines. First of all, you should play only those slots that have the maximum payout percentage. Although gaming establishments try not to provide this information, it can be found on the Internet. The second advice, partly answering the question of how to win in the slots, is a more thorough study of the paytables.

Often, especially in classic slots, the amount of winnings for the most valuable combination at the maximum rate significantly exceeds the payout at the minimum rate. In addition, increasing the payout allow you to increase the expectation by about 1%. Another secret of slot machines is that they need to play for a long time. Otherwise, the player loses additional bonus features, thereby losing several dozen percent of payments.

Capital Management

Another recommendation relates to gaming capital management. The player must answer two questions – how much money will be allocated for games and how long he wants to play them. In this case, unnecessarily large bets should be avoided, since in addition to the expectation, the player must take into account the variance, as well as the real possibility of bankruptcy.

In addition, for one game session, you can often never wait for a large number of combinations with high payout ratios, which means a low payout percentage for a short distance.

If the game slot has a low level of dispersion, it is advisable to reduce the stakes to $ 5, and at high variance – to $ 1. In any case, the variance often leaves the player with no pay at all, and minimum rates allow you to minimize losses.

Basic slot game strategies

Despite the fact that the mathematical expectation is impossible to win, many players try to use different tactics. The main thing you need to understand when varying the rates is that there is a possibility not only to finish the game with a profit, but also with a loss.

The most widely used slot game strategies are:

  • Martingale – Betting on Loss Betting on winning
  • Stop-loss limit – the end of the game when you lose a certain amount of funds;
  • Stop-wines limit – ending the game when you win a certain amount of funds;
  • Change the game slot after a certain number of spins.