Blackjack Rules

Blackjack card game or “twenty-one” – a game in which the whole world plays, absolutely on all continents. As far as this card game is known in mostbet, its origin is so unknown.

Some sources claim that this game appeared in China. According to some reports, in ancient times in this country they played a similar game. According to other information imply its French origin. Confirmation of the origin of the game in France is the expression Vingt-et-un, which translated from French means “21”. The game with this name was known and popular in France in the 17th century, and the whole society was fascinated by it, from the commoner to the nobleman.

Blackjack Rules

The next turn of the history of the game of blackjack is its migration to America at the beginning of the XIX century, when it was brought by colonists from Europe. In America, the game received great popularity among the population, and they gave it the name “twenty one”. In addition, there are many more stories about the origin of the name of the game Black Jack. For example, the British called the game Van John, and the Australians – Pontoon. The original name Black Jack is due to the winning combination: ace of spades Black plus Jack Jack.

Nowadays, blackjack is the most common game. Once it was not popular enough, but with the raising of payments in American gambling establishments in the middle of the century with some combinations of cards, the game began to be a huge success. The bonus payouts for the combination of blackjack in the game reached tenfold. Now the popularity of the game is growing and growing.

The game is played by the dealer and the player whose task is to recruit a sum of 21 points, as well as a sum close to this number. The amount of player points, which is more than 21, according to the rules of the game of blackjack, gives a loss bet. You can make a bet on one or several fields – boxes located on the gaming tables. All this is again only according to the rules of this online casino.

Rates must not exceed the maximum of the table, as well as be not less than the minimum of the table. The calculation of the amount is based on the value of the cards. Two – tens correspond to their face value, and kings, ladies, and jacks – to the dignity of 10 points. “Blackjack” is a combination that has an ace in it, as well as a card with a value of 10 points. It can only be made with the first two cards of any box.

Payment will be – 3: 2, with the remaining rates – 1: 1. The exception is made by some combinations according to the rules of the game of blackjack. The player gets the winnings in all cases, except for the dealer blackjack combination. This situation gives the player the opportunity to stay with their own.