Craps Base Strategy

Craps – this is one of the varieties of gambling, whose history goes back to the Middle Ages. Today, craps still enjoys immense popularity in, to which cinema has made an enormous contribution, in particular the famous James Bond films.

Many players try to find their craps strategy that suits their style of play, while providing high chances of winning. The novice player is advised to stick to the basic craps strategy. Although it will not bring the maximum winnings, it will significantly reduce the likelihood of loss.

Basic Craps Strategy

Any novice player is concerned with the question of how to win in craps. The answer to it is extremely simple and clear – you need to clearly know the rules of the game, especially the types of bets. Proper use of this knowledge is one of the main secrets of the game craps.

More specifically, the craps have a fairly large number of bets, each of which gives a different chance of winning. However, for a novice player it is very important not to allow a major loss. Therefore, the basic strategy will be to place bets that will give the opposite side a minimum of chances.

Strategy Don’t pass

Since the development trend of the gambling industry involves the provision of an increasing number of services online, it is not surprising that today you can play craps sitting at home by opening the site of any online casino. Therefore, the question of how to win dice online is of great relevance.

The don’t pass strategy is not very welcomed by most online casinos, as this greatly increases the chances of winning. It consists in betting on the Don’t ’pass line. A player loses at a roll of 7 or 11, winning at a roll of 2 or 3. At the same time, 12 means a draw, which is not too good, since the casino retains its advantage.

If the “point” is set, then the bet on the don’t ’pass line will bring a win even if the shooter drops 7. That is don’t pass strategy gives the casino a minimum advantage of just 1.36%.

In a real casino, a bet against a shooter and most other players at the table will inevitably cause disapproval on their part. However, this problem completely disappears when playing dice online, which makes this strategy one of the best when playing in online gambling establishments.

The advantage of the casino can be reduced even more if you lay bids on the don’t ’pass line. In this case, the casino will have zero advantage. But at the same time the player will have to make bets in the ratio of 2 to 1.