Sic Bo

Sic Bo – strategy game

It is believed that Sic Bo originated in China. However, despite the very great popularity in Asian countries, it has a lot in common with the Grand Hazard game, which the British have been playing since the XIII century, not only in the casino.

Rules of the game

To learn how to win in Sic Bo, you need to learn the rules of the game. Each game round begins with bets on the numbers of the faces of the three dice that will be drawn in the game. In this case, players’ chips are located on different sectors of the playing field, each of which corresponds to certain types of bets.

Dice are thrown by a dealer who uses a special device for this purpose – popper. It starts only after all the players have made their bets. After the announcement of the numbers drawn, the playing field is cleared of losing chips, and the players who have made the right choice receive their winnings according to the bets made.


Any strategy game in Sic Bo is based on bets, of which there are seven in this game:

  • One number – bet on one number;
  • Domino – a Domino bet that wins if the player’s chosen numbers fall on two dice;
  • Specific double – double bet, which wins if the same number falls on two dice;
  • Specific triple – a bet on a triplet that wins if the same number falls on three dice;
  • Any triple – bet on any triplet; Big / Small – bet on / under;
  • Total – a bet on the amount of drop-down numbers, which wins if the sum of the numbers drawn on three dice coincides with the amount indicated by the player.

Sic Bo Game Systems

There is a calculation method that allows you to establish the probability that a certain event will not happen after a certain number of game rounds. Using this technique, the player in the game can use different strategies based on reducing or increasing the stakes.

In addition, this method has shown that there is a lot in common between Sic Bo and ordinary roulette, especially when using bets on more / less. The profitability of this bet is almost equal to the game for equal chances in roulette. This indicator at roulette is about 2.7%, and at Sic Bo – 2.78%.

At the same time, the bet on the doublet is quite comparable with the bet in roulette on the transverse row. They share the same ratio of payments and rates, which is 11: 1. But while the yield in Sic Bo is 2.31% versus 2.7% when playing roulette.

All the above reveals the main secret of the Sic Bo game – the same strategies apply to it as when playing roulette, i.e. systems based on the Martingale principle.